CADSCOM 2019 information can be found here:
the downloadable flyer can be retrieved here : CADSCOM2019flyer
Welcome to the Twin Cities ACM Professional Chapter.  Faculty and professionals around Minnesota have come together to launch this first professional chapter to benefit dissemination of original research and insights into computing disciplines here and across the Upper Midwest region.
The Twin Cities ACM Professional Chapter has partners with the local ACM chapters, Minnesota State colleges and universities, the University of Minnesota, other Twin Cities universities, and the Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence research presentation and industry-engagement  events to benefit students, professionals and educators.  Colloquium on Analytics, Data Science and Computing in the fall (CADSCOM) and Colloquium on Information Assurance, Cybersecurity, and Management in late Spring (CIACAM) are the main Chapter events you are invited to.
CADSCOM 2018 was held on October 26-27, 2018 at the Minnesota State University Mankato facility in Edina, Minnesota (a Minneapolis suburb).  The event was attended by about 150 participants and included 25 original paper presentations, industry and academic panels and two keynotes.  See more at
A list of presentation topics includes:
    Big Data Applications
    Business Management and Strategy
    Emerging Tech
    Data Analytics
    Data Ethics
    Data Infrastructure and Computing
    Data Management
    Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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