Sschedule and program block CIACAM 2019

Thu 5/23 5-8 PM: CIACAM Industry Panel/Dinner

Fri 5/24 8:30-4:30: Keynote/Panels/Presentations

CIACAM Program (being finalized):

CIACAM Industry Panel by MnC3 (Thu, 5/23)

Opening talk by ACM or industry leader (5/24)

Research and How-to Presentations (5/24)

Other panels and meetings (5/24):

  • Cybersecurity Panel
  • Academic Issues Panel
  • Information Risk Management Panel
  • Legal Issues & Compliance Panel
  • Audit and Assessment Panel
  • Information and Security Technologies Management Education Panel
  • Joint Meetings: ACM Chapters and Centers of Acad. Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD)

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